Whipstock Orientation


It is important to use a highly accurate borehole gyro survey tool to correctly orientate the whipstock face for sidetracking

Utilizing Navibore™ Technology the north seeking GyroTracer™ has completed this job many times with continued success.

Sidetracking with a whipstock in both cased and open hole wellbores is normally used for the following applications:

  • To drill new boreholes in attempt of finding more productive areas
  • Increasing wellbore zone reach by drilling lateral wells
  • Bypassing obstructions in existing wellbores

To maximize a projects efficiency we recommend using a hydraulic anchor whipstock instead of cementing. When needing to deviate from the initial wellbore path, the hydraulic anchor system introduces a much quicker approach that shows better results.

Sidetracking with hydraulic anchor vs cement plugging

A hydraulic anchor whipstock system is capable being used in both open hole and cased wellbores. This system avoids the common errors found with cement plugging, which include plug failure or degradation. Eliminating the uncertainty of cement quality, hydraulic anchoring is a much better alternative to traditional methods.

whipstock orientation

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