Rig Alignment Technology


North seeking gyro sensor packages like what our Navibore Technology currently use have revolutionized rig alignment technology

Previously a labour intensive task, the Gyro RigAligner™ has simplified the process and instantly provides true north readings. It is able to function above and below ground on any exploration drill rig.

Automated software calculates the inclination and azimuth in real-time to ensure accuracy of the operation. Built to withstand mining environments the Gyro RigAligner™ is a portable unit weighing in at only 4.2 kg (9.2lbs). This small size makes use in remote areas and underground environments much more practical.

Rig alignment technology that is unaffected by magnetism

North seeking gyro technology is unaffected by magnetic environments. Incorporating these sensors into rig alignment applications has been a big step forward for the industry. Wireless communication with handheld device allows driller complete control with an easy to use system.

SPT Gyro Rig Aligner™ reduces need for 3rd party services

Designed to be driller deployable, reduce the need of on-site surveyors and align drills/collars yourself. This will help increase your overall revenue, while maintaining a ± 0.05° inclination accuracy. Eliminate conventional rig aligner methods and utilize gyroscopic rig alignment technology to deliver the best results possible.

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