Borehole Survey


Downhole survey tools are used to obtain the locational data of a borehole path

When completing a borehole survey, azimuth and inclination are registered into your survey tool and subsequently used create a 3D representation of the borehole. There are a wide range of downhole survey tools available that are capable of completing a borehole survey, however when it comes to accuracy, tools with a solid state gyro sensor package are far superior.

Navibore Technology advancing borehole survey capabilities

Stockholm Precision Tools north seeking, solid state Navibore™ Technology is on the cutting edge of innovation in the downhole survey tools industry. Developed internally by our specialized engineering department, these advancements in borehole gyro systems have given SPT tools a major advantage in the mining, oil and gas industries. Navibore™ Technology is an integral part of the continuous mode option that many of the SPT product range can offer. This means that our tools register data points at every cm, giving the user the most accurate representation in the industry.


Oil and Gas Applications Borehole Survey​

When it comes to surveying in the oil and gas industry, accuracy is imperative. It’s the difference between an environmental disaster and a lucrative investment. The GyroTracer™ borehole survey tool takes these necessities and delivers them in a driller deployable format. Quality assurance is ensured with our automated software that delivers uneditable data (tamper-proof). 

Using the GyroTracer™ for your project will not only give you a positional accuracy of less than 0.1%, but it will help eliminate human error by guiding the user through the complete process.

Mining Applications Borehole Survey​

Using an accurate borehole survey tool in the mining industry can be the difference between a successful investment or a failure. We’ve seen situations where companies have used inaccurate survey tools that classified ore as waste rock. This happened because the tool didn’t display precise data and when overlayed onto the ore body mapping the geologists believed they pulled cores from areas which they were not even close to.

The results of this crucial error were evident when the new investors used the north seeking GyroMaster™. The team was able to have a clear ore body mapping and what was considered by previous team as waste rock, was actually mineralizations. It is imperative that mining operations research their borehole survey equipment thoroughly because inaccuracy can lead to unrealized investment gains.

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