Solutions by Stockholm Precision Tools

borehole survey capabilities

Downhole survey tools are mainly used to obtain the precise location data of a borehole path.

When completing a borehole survey, several data are registered to your survey tools, such as Azimuth and Inclination. This information is subsequently used to create a 3D representation of the borehole.

Solutions by Stockholm Precision Tools

whipstock for sidetracking

Sidetracking with hydraulic anchor whipstock system, that can be used in both open hole and cased wellbores.

Main objectives of performing a sidetracking in both cased and open wellbores are to drill new boreholes in an attempt of finding more productive areas or increasing wellbore zone reach by drilling lateral wells or to bypass obstructions in existing wellbores.

Solutions by Stockholm Precision Tools

Survey and Retrieve core samples simultaneously

Using Core Retriever™ as an add-on accessory to our successful north-seeking GyroMaster™ downhole survey tool, you can complete a survey while pulling the core.

With just 3 clicks, the user is able to complete the survey and automatically generate a PDF report which can be shared with the stakeholders.

Solutions by Stockholm Precision Tools

Align rig in under 5 minutes

Using SPT North seeking Gyro sensor package, you can simplify the process of aligning rig.

PReviously a labor-intensive task, the Gyro RigAligner has simplified the process of aligning rigs, and provide true north readings, with capabilities to work both above and below the ground on any exploration drill rig.