QHSE Policy

Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy Statement

At Stockholm Precision Tools, we are confident in our ability to develop and create new effective ways to understand, serve, and collaborate with our customer requirements.

Continuous service quality improvements, health, safety & security for personnel and operations are our main values. Customer satisfaction must be achieved in accordance with high-quality standards. Employee engagement, leadership, and commitment to QHSE is the cornerstone for our success.

QHSE Vision

We conceive our vision as quality, service, and commitment driven to deliver and exceed customer expectations providing a safe and conducive learning and working environment for our people.

Continuous improvements with the only purpose to outperform and grow in terms of quality and profits.

Vision must be driven by :  

  • Exceed customer expectations based on a timeline and a clear definition of our objectives
  • Continuous improvement and adapting to the challenges
  • Distinguish our service quality
  • Aiming to be recognized by executing and leading our QHSE culture wherever we are
  • Safety first as a way of life

QHSE Mission

QHSE mission is and always will be one of our top core values. Our mission will always exceed the expectations of our customers and our internal objectives.

Commitment to achieving these objectives is based on continuous improvement and by protecting, preventing, and keeping everyone safe.

Management and Employees are responsible to successfully reach these goals.

QHSE Culture

All of us are responsible to involve and continuously practice QHSE culture as a way of life, we must understand and commit to focus on minimizing QHSE safety impacts, believe and control associated risk-mitigating safe work practices with prevention process, all safety events are preventable.

Stockholm Precision Tools


The obligation to comply with SPT Standards is the responsibility of everyone.