North seeking gyro with automated accuracy that avoids human error

Maintain accuracy
in all environments

All measurements are in reference to geographic north. Unlike other downhole survey tools, the GyroTracer is not affected by magnetic interference. It can be run inside casing, tubing, drill pipe, and magnetically disturbed ground.

Versatile tool with
multiple applications

The GyroTracer can be run in a variety of situations from shallow to deep borehole surveying. Use in continuous mode, single-shot/multi-shot, slim hole casing, orientation, whipstock kick-off and downhole motor orientation.

High pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) version available

Designed to function at full capacity in the harshest low/high temperature applications and environments. Built inside a Thermal Flask with continuous surveying capability at high latitudes or inclinations with no accuracy degradation.


42mm (1.65”)

(17.6 lbs)

10,000 psi
pressure rating


Inclination accuracy

± 0.05°

Position accuracy

< 0.1%* (Continuous mode NS, EW and TVD)

Gravity toolface accuracy

± 0.1° for inclination > 3°

Repeatability azimuth

*Subject to well profile

± 0.3°


Export format

PDF, Excel, CSV, LAS

Survey report

Generate at any interval

Graphic generation

2D, 3D


Gyro module length

950mm (36.6″)

Telemetry module length

400mm (15.7″)

Memory module length

800mm (31.5″)

Surface unit

165  x 220 x 85mm

(6.5″ x 8.7″ x 3.3″)

Surface unit – weight

2kg (4.4 lbs)

HP/HT version

Pressure rating

22,000 psi

Temperature rating

Up to 205°C (401°F)

Heat shield length

2400mm (94.5”)


49.5mm (1.94”)


18kg (39.6lbs)




Drop gyro directional survey capabilities

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