SPT Polestar Aligner 

Get up and running in minutes and receive up to 8 hours of precise and accurate data for aligning your mining drilling rigs, even in the most extreme latitudes. 

High precision azimuth at extreme latitudes 

The SPT Polestar Aligner uses an inertial navigation system and north-seeking gyroscope technology to align drilling rigs with high precision and accuracy, even in the most extreme latitudes. 

Up to 8 hours of operation from a single setup in minutes 

Get up to 8 continuous hours of ultra-precise gyro equipment alignment in a small, portable, ruggedly designed case. Capture real-time roll, pitch and yaw data. 

Detailed QA/QC reports within seconds 

Export detailed QA/QC reports in seconds on the industry’s most common format or send them to the SPT SmartCloud survey data management system. No more re-drilling 

Polestar 001

Technical Specifications

Azimuth determination accuracy  ≤ 0.3° × sec(lat) 
Zenith angle determination accuracy  ≤ 0.05° 
Standby time  10 min 
Battery life  8 hours 
Dimensions (without fixtures)  275х175х170 mm 
Weight (without fixtures)  8,3 kg 
Angular velocities  ≤ 300 °/s 
Linear accelerations  ±10 g 
Vibrations  Up to 2000 Hz 
Temperature range  -40 °C ~ +60 °C 

* Quoted at 3 sigma (99.7% assurance)

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