Oil and gas

Solid-State Gyro Survey Tools used in Oil and Gas industry, capable of withstanding harsh conditions (20,000 psi and 205°C)

Gyro technology built for oil and gas Unlike other downhole survey tools, the GyroTracer™ is unaffected by magnetic interference. Designed to run in a variety of situations from shallow to deep wellbore surveying. Learn more Calibration Stand Calibrate your tools on-site using SPT Calibration Stand for highly accurate wellbore placement. Easily generate pdf certificates for any audit. Learn more PathBreaker™ Hydraulic Whipstock The most advanced whipstock technology in sidetrack drilling performance. Equipped with a hydraulic anchor system, it is able to sidetrack without cementing and can be applied in a cased and open hole. Learn more PathBreaker


PathBreaker™ Whipstock

Calibration stand