GyroMaster showcase at Saskatchewan Geological Open House

Stockholm Precision Tools AB (SPTAB) will be attending this year’s Saskatchewan Geological Open House. The event is to be co-hosted by the Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Ministry of the Economy, Government of Saskatchewan, and the independent, non-profit Saskatchewan Geological Society. The purpose of this event is to highlight leading technologies in the geoscience industry that support Saskatchewan’s mining industry and promoting earth sciences on a global scale.

SPTAB provides innovative mining solutions in the form of high-quality gyro solutions. Over the past 20 years, SPTAB has had a significant presence in the mining industry becoming a trusted partner of the sector. Their leading survey equipment helps mining companies remain accurate, efficient and overall improve their bottom lines. Spanning across 6 continents, SPTAB offers the best customer service available. Their design, manufacturing, and development remain in-house, which gives them the ability to offer products that consistently outperform the competition.

SPTAB will be showcasing the industry-leading GyroMaster which delivers the most detailed orebody limits thanks to its advanced continuous mode. Customers can create highly accurate independent surveys with a tool that is capable of surveying in any application. The automated software eliminates human error help the customer to remain accurate throughout the operation. The tool generates detailed pdf reports that can easily be shared. The GyroMaster is user operated and tamper-proof, which means it can ensure the highest standard of quality control.

“The Saskatchewan Geological Open House is a very important event for us,” said Orlando Ramirez, CEO of SPTAB, “it gives us the ability to share our advanced borehole surveying technology for the mining sector while building new relationships and learning from other industry experts.”

Either stop by our stand or book your time slot to speak with our experts about our line of mining surveying products. If you are not able to attend the conference but would like to learn more, contact us directly for more information.


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