Borehole position and core orientation data in one run.

One tool – One run – Two services



Multi-diameter digital core orientation device. Discover the next generation.

One Tool, two solutions

The GyroCore™ can accurately orient core and survey at the same time, in all inclinations, even at vertical.

This Gyro While Drilling (GWD) saves time for Geologists doing two operations in one run.

Core Orientation, even at vertical

The digital Core Orientation mode helps to determine planning for future drilling, and in the design of the mine itself.

Increases discovery opportunities. Reduces developmental and future costs, by determining the plan forward.

Borehole Position, True North Seeking

Depicts the position of the borehole in a 3-Dimensional Space trough an accurate survey.

Provides the Geologists with direction, inclination and North Easting coordinates or bottom hole location.

gyrocore 2

No downtime

Borehole Survey

Core Orientation

Core Retrieval

Technical Specifications

Diameter N, N2, N3, H, H3, P
Length 990 mm (39'')
Weight 11 kg (24.2 lbs)
Azimuth Accuracy 0.16°
Inclination Accuracy 0.05°
Gravity Toolface Accuracy 0.05°
Azimuth Mode True North Seeking
Survey Mode Multishot - Core Retrieval and Orientation
Toolface Accuracy 0.16°
Azimuth Repeatability 0.16°

* Accuracy quoted at 1σ

Survey Report At any interval
Communications Bluetooth®
Export SPT SmartCloud via WIFI or 4G LTE
Export Format PDF, Excel, CSV, LAS, DXF
Graphic Generation 2D, 3D
Operational Environment
Collar Azimuth Required No
Depth Pressure 7250 psi
Operating Range Vertical, Inclined
Operational Temperature -30°C – +70°C (-22°F – +158°F)
Handheld Device
Battery 20 hrs (8580 mAh)
IP Rating IP68, IP69K

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