Multi-diameter digital core orientation device.

Discover the next generation.



Multi-diameter digital core orientation device. Discover the next generation.

A single orientation device for any diameter

Reduce your costs with CoreMaster™ multi-diameter compatibility.

Truly versatile. Compatible with N, N2, N3, H, H3, P, NTW, HTW diameters.

The easiest to use Core Orientation device in the industry

The intuitive software is simple and easy to use; it eliminates operator errors and minimizes the time spent on operator training.

Its usability-focused design ensures the virtual elimination of downtime in the workflow. Anyone can easily export complete QA/QC reports with a single click.

Direct connection to SPT SmartCloud™

CoreMaster™ can seamlessly synchronize natively with SPT SmartCloud™. SPT’s secure data cloud allows you to remotely store integral data and manage your operational productivity.

Enable your geology team to make decisions on the fly, from anywhere.

SPT Smartcloud multi-platform cloud

Technical Specifications

Core Sizes N, N2 (NTK), N3, NTW, H, H3, HTW, P, P3
Length 259 mm (10.2")
Weight 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs)
Operational Environment
Depth Pressure 5000 psi
Operational Temperature -30°C – +75°C (-22°F – +167°F)
Toolface Accuracy 0.6°
Inclination Range -87° – +87°
Toolface Range 0 – 360°

* Accuracy quoted at 1σ

Battery Type Non-rechargeable lithium battery pack
Operating Time >6 months
Communications Bluetooth®
Export SPT SmartCloud via WIFI or 4G LTE
Handheld Device
Battery 20 hrs (8580 mAh)
IP Rating IP68, IP69K

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