Borehole survey tool – North Seeking gyro vs Drift rate gyro

The North Seeking gyroscopic borehole surveying system delivers highly accurate, non-magnetic deviations in magnetically disturbed environments such as inside casing, drill pipe or magnetic rock. The gyroscope is low-power and lightweight, with the capability of operating on a wireline or battery operated memory mode. This borehole survey instrument delivers azimuth and inclination measurements, accurate from 0º to 70º from vertical.

We have completed numerous surveys comparing the SPT gyro with drift rate gyros on mining locations in Nevada and with an oilfield company in Arizona. It is clear that the accuracy and repeatability of SPT gyros are head and shoulders above drift rate gyros and they match up extremely well with the GyroTracer.

For more details about this comparison, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


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