North Seeking gyro manufacturer PDAC

Borehole Survey Equipment Manufacturer to Exhibit at PDAC 2019

Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT), north seeking gyro manufacturer for borehole survey applications in mining, will be exhibiting at this year’s PDAC (Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada) convention. Stop by our booth #6422N where we will be showcasing our innovative collection of downhole survey tools.

Working with mining companies from around the world for over 20 years, SPT has become a trusted partner that the mining sector relies on. We are proud to have a network of offices that spans across 6 continents which allows us to provide industry-leading customer service and quality control. By keeping design, manufacturing, and development in-house, SPT has been able to offer products that consistently outperform the competition.

We will be showcasing our flagship north seeking GyroMaster™ survey tool, which utilizes our proprietary solid-state Navibore™ Technology. This tool allows the user to overlay highly accurate data onto the orebody mapping. This is done via the GyroMaster™ continuous mode, which registers datapoints at every cm. After the survey is complete, it automatically generates detailed pdf reports that can be shared amongst stakeholders.

The newest addition to the SPT range is our Core Retriever™ overshot assembly that can be combined with the GyroMaster™. This revolutionary accessory allows the driller to pull cores and complete surveys simultaneously. Significantly cutting downtime and increasing the bottom line. Our tools deliver Tamper-proof data, which will ensure that you maintain the highest level of quality control in the field.

Another tool from the SPT product line that will be showcased is the Gyro RigAligner which significantly reduces costs, labour and saves time. Taking only 5 minutes to set up, seek True North and align, this product is the quickest and most accurate rig alignment technology in the industry. The Gyro RigAligner is lightweight, but built for heavy duty use and will eliminate redrilling and help reduce downtime.

Either stop by our stand #6422N or book your time slot to speak with our experts about our line of advanced gyro surveying products. If you are not able to attend the conference but would like to learn more, contact us directly for more information.


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