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Borehole survey tool – North Seeking gyro vs Drift rate gyro

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The North Seeking gyroscopic borehole surveying system delivers highly accurate, non-magnetic deviations in magnetically disturbed environments such as inside casing, drill pipe or magnetic rock. The gyroscope is low-power and lightweight, with the capability of operating on a wireline or battery operated memory mode. This borehole survey instrument delivers azimuth and inclination measurements, accurate from […]

Navibore Technology

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What is the Navibore™ Technology? The Navibore™ is a solid state continuous, north seeking gyro technology, that has been developed by SPT (Stockholm Precision Tools) over the past 20 years. The main component of this system is a high-performance solid state gyro, which utilizes the coriolis effect to measure the rate of rotation and pinpoint […]