Solid State Downhole Gyro Survey Tools

Designed from the ground up to be the industry's most accurate


SPT Stockholm Precision Tools

Oil and Gas

SPT is used across the oil and gas industry, our tools reduce cost, increase safety and increase rate of profit.


We have helped the biggest mining companies across the world ensure the accuracy of their wellbore placements.

Civil Engineering

Our products deliver precision on critical projects from river crossings to large scale industrial infrastructure developments.

Solid-State Survey Tools

Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT) has been designing downhole solid-state survey tools and supplies for the world’s major oil, gas, mining, and civil engineering companies for over 20 years. By keeping our design and manufacturing under one roof, we’ve remained a leader in the industry by providing the highest quality products that have passed our rigorous internal quality control processes.

Precision saves time and money

Our products are developed in-house, which means we oversee every aspect of production. We don’t outsource and hope for success, we build internally and expect it. With Stockholm Precision Tools you can trust that every product we develop is of the highest quality thanks to our experienced engineers.

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